About Us

I'm Jacob Walker. In 2016, I followed my passions and created Mythos Monsters the book and launched publishing company. My years of experience working with book and game publishers has enabled me to create high quality products fit for fans.


Phil Velikan has been a great help and contributor here as well. He is a gifted sculpture, illustrator, designer, and monster fan. You can follow him on Instagram @philfrommars, Facebook and on Amazon.




Customer service

We are happy to answer any questions you have or help if any problems arise. Contact us at for help.


2018 appearances

Indiana Comic Con - Indianapolis Indiana (March 30th-April 1st)

Indy Pop Con - Indianapolis Indiana (June 8th-10th)

More to come

Limited Editions

Several items we sell are limited editions, meaning they only get produced in that limited quantity. For example, the Colouring Book Out of Space was a limited run of 1000 and we have only 62 books left. It will not be reprinted as is, when it sells out.

We do offer some options beyond the limited editions though. Our Colouring Book Out of Space also has a printable PDF version (with fewer pages), and a print on demand version on Amazon. Likewise, limited edition prints are sold exclusively here on the site and smaller photo prints are sold at personal appearances such as conventions, art shows, etc.

F. A. Q.

Q:  Only part of my order arrived. Why are some items are missing?

We sometimes ship from multiple locations. We try to make and ship everything from our studio but items are made by third party vendors, such as shirts.  Those ship separate and we will cover the cost of the secondary shipping.

Q:  Why do you use outside vendors to make some of your items?

We love making stuff, but something things like silkscreening just take up too much space and time in the studio. That is why we use a direct to garment printer to print and fulfill our shirts and some other items.

Q:  My tracking information isn't updating. Where is my package?

USPS is terrible at sharing tracking information. Packages often do not get scanned at points along the way. Please be patient if this happens. In the rare event that your package is lost, we'll first work with USPS to find it. If it can't be found, we'll replace it.