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After a year of existence, MM now has its own fully dedicated site. Here is a brief recap of what lead to the book and the site.

At the start of 2016 I was bogged down with freelance work and wanted an outlet to create something for myself. I began drawing a Lovecraft inspired monster each morning and quickly fell in love with the rutein and returning to ink work. It only took a couple weeks of drawing for me to decide to make a book collecting the art, and last April I ran the Mythos Monsters kickstarter campaign. It was a success far beyond what I had imagined. The campaign lead to Mythos Monsters and The Colouring Book Out of Space being published and sent to 1000 backers. It also allowed me to switch my focus to more creator driven projects and making what I love.

One of the neatest benefits that came out of the campaign were the new friends that I made in the community and several new artist whoe's work I had not seen before. When I set up at conventions, there always seems to be somebody that backed the book who comes and says hi. Connecting at events and having great conversations is awesome.

This site will be the hub for my creations of weird fiction inspired art, books and who knows. I look forward to sharing more projects, art and freebees here on the new Thanks for visiting!

- Jacob Walker  // creator of MM.

Kickstarter Graphic - mythos monsters

It was a ton of work and even more fun. Thanks to those that were a part it! - Jacob

Jacob Walker