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Mythos Monsters is happy to announce a double follow up to its 2016 Lovecraft inspired coloring book, The Colouring Book Out of Space. Monsters of Literature and Monsters of Cinema celebrate the classic and the campy. Most of these creatures have lived in black and white, but now is your chance to add color to their stories, in these high quality artisan coloring books. Perfect for the creature feature lover, the traditional classic horror/fantasy reader, or the unconventional coloring book colorist.


Colouring Book out of space

Spend your nights obsessively coloring monsters inspired by the many works of H. P. Lovecraft. This oversized book features 56 images on single sided, perforated pages for convenient coloring.

Free Trial Page - Yig, Father of Serpents

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Monsters of Literature

This page turner is full of the most iconic monsters stories that have been part of world culture for centuries. Dracula, Frankenstein, and so many more. Features 25 images on single sided perforated pages.

Monsters of Cinema

Creature feature fans can find some of their favorites from cinema's golden age in this monster filled coloring book for adults and kids. Features 25 images on single sided perforated pages.

Free Printable Page (PDF) - Tentacle Heart


What my Kickstarter backers had to say about Mythos Monsters & the colouring book out of space:

I just got my package yesterday and am absolutely THRILLED! This was my first Kickstarter and I couldn't be more pleased! The books and stickers and print and everything are just so beautiful!
Very impressed by the whole package. Art book, coloring book, stickers, postcards, print, all fantastic. I'm really eager to get busy with my coloring. Great fun all around.
Received mine today over here in Wales! Its truly a beautiful tome - thank you, Jacob, and also for running such a smooth Kick starter. More power to your brush!

Thanks so much to those that supported. You made it all possible and kept it fun and exciting.