Mythos Monsters came about as a need to escape into wondrous and bizarre worlds. To explore the strange aeons, and connect with the esoteric and the imaginative.

Hi, Im the creator, Jacob Walker. This all began as a distraction from my already full work load, illustrating for table top gaming companies and indy publishers. The book Mythos Monsters started as a series of daily drawings that later formed a book and changed my path as an artist . It continues to grow as Mythos Monsters Publishing produces the kinds of books and projects that I have always wanted to make.

Thanks for visiting. We hope you to enjoy the site and what we make.


To see Jacob's personal site, visit www.JacobWalkerArt.com

Answers to F. A. Q.

• Order processing typically takes 1 to 3 days

• Some orders from outside vendors may take longer, but will be noted

• USPS tracking and international shipping can be horrible, sorry

• Multi-item orders may ship separately due to warehousing and suppliers

• Payment plans are available for items $400 and over

• Limited licensing rights are available on most images

• All paintings are done using acrylics on bristol or panel

• Most ink drawings are done using brush and ink


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